Who is Coozy Painting Services?

“Coozy Painting Services is a pioneer in home painting services and we provide residential and commercial painting since 1986 (Registraion. No: 53125181X). We are fully focused on bringing the best experience to our customers through providing a professional and helpful approach to the homeowner. Not forgetting- we bring colours to your home!”

Does Coozy Painting Services have an office that I can visit?

“No. This is one of the reasons why we can keep our rates low by minimising overheads and bypassing contractors/interior designers thus bringing value to our customers.”

My work usually ends very late (9pm); can you view my house after working hours?

“Sure, we empathise our customers work requirement so we do provide non obligatory on site quote, even after office hours. All you have to do is to call/SMS Raymond @ 97383496 for appointment.”

Can you provide me with a quote based on description or photos?

“We appreciate whenever homeowners provide us with information like condition of the house, size, whether is it vacant and so on… This gives our consultant an idea of the home condition and amount of time needed to complete the job. We also appreciate home owners’ initiative to send us photos of their walls. No doubt a picture speaks a thousand words. However, photos cannot effectively capture the wall condition (e.g, hairline cracks) and that can only be assessed by our experienced consultant. This will give you a more accurate quote. ”

CALL/SMS/EMAIL us and you can feel comfortable when you deal with our professional consultant. We rest assured you will get a fair and good offer.

Do you help with colour recommendation for our house?

“Very often, home owners already have an idea on the colour choice for their homes. We will be glad to offer our professional advice if home owners need our recommendation or if they cannot make up their decision on the colour choice. “

How many colours can I choose?

“From the market feedback that we have gathered, homeowners of 3/4/5 room apartment are typically given about 3-5 colours to choose from. We understand the difficulty of working with limited choice therefore we do not restrict your colour choice. In fact we have completed a painting project for a five room flat in Nov 2011 @ Ang Mo Kio where we used eight different colours specified by the homeowner.”

What type of paint do you use for painting our house?

“Well, that depends on homeowner preference. On certain circumstances, our friendly consultant will recommend certain paint brand/type based on analysing the wall condition. Rest assured all the paint we provide comes in original packing, premium quality and is environmentally friendly. “

How soon can you start painting as soon as I confirm?

“The waiting time depend on our work schedule and of course yours. Typically we can start work within 3-5 working days. Sometimes we can commence the job within a day when our schedule is not tight.”

How long does it take to paint my house?

“On average, we take about 2-3 days to complete 3/4/5 room apartment. This is assuming no extraordinary preparatory work is needed such as waterproofing, shifting of big and bulky furniture, etc… The duration also depends on the condition of the wall, the type of work required and the weather conditions if the project involves exterior work. During our consultation with you, we will evaluate your situation and let you know how long it will take to complete your painting project.”

Why can’t you rush to complete in 1-2 days like what other companies offer?

“Many companies tend to overpromise and compromise on craftsmanship just to deliver the work on time. In addition, certain wall condition requires more attention such as patching up holes, cracks and applying oil based paint (sealer) – that requires even more time to dry than emulsion paint. Coozy Painting takes pride in every job hence we will not rush and compromise our craftsmanship. Rome is not build in one day!”

What is the mode of payment?

“Payment is due upon completion of the job and we expect to be paid at that time, cash or cheque. We work with our customer based on faith so deposit is not necessary. Be wary of someone who needs up front money to start the job as they may not be financially stable. An exception to the rule if project amount exceed $2K, down payment is required and the payment terms will be advised. “

Is it rates inclusive of GST?

“We are not GST-registered. This means we are absorbing all the GST charges incurred from the materials we procure and hence a price advantage over others. “

Do you provide warranty? If yes, how long?

“Of course. We provide our customer with on-site warranty that starts automatically as soon as we complete the painting job. Take note some companies does provide warranty but charges transportation fees whenever a trip is arranged to their place. Our warranty does cover additional transportation cost incurred to your place. Condition of warranty detail as below:”

Interior wall- 2 years*
Exterior wall- 5 years*

*The warranty covers against flaking, peeling, blistering and excessive radical discolouration of the paint film. Our warranty does not cover the defect due to an Act of God; structural leaks/cracks and moisture penetration from the interior of substrates; atmospheric stains and scratches caused deliberately and arson; and tampered with or by other party.

Do you only paint HDB flats?

“No, in addition to residential property we paint all types of commercial property. Our customers range from people like you to small business owners and large corporations.”

Besides painting, what other services do you provide?

“We have gained a strong foothold in this industry and have a wide network of fellow contractors in vinyl flooring, window grilles and gates, wooden doors, customise cabinet and wardrobe, electrical and lighting contractor. You name it, we got it. Let us know if you have any requirements and we will try our best to assist. We are not going through any interior design firm hence there will be cost saving for you.”

I have heard of painting contractors cutting corners on materials and craftsmanship. How do I know if I have made the right choice?

“Be aware when you are given a very good deal (a good gauge would be 20-30% cheaper than market rate). A simple calculation tells us it’s not possible for contractors to offer below market rates unless painting materials are tainted or craftsmanship is compromised. We do not offer such shoddy service as Coozy Painting Services uses our most experienced and efficient painting crew so you will get the impeccable craftsmanship you always expect from Coozy Painting Services.”

Do you leave a big mess for me to clear up?

“Absolutely not. Rest assured all materials used in the process of painting will be properly disposed, not even along your corridor. We leave no traces behind- other than the brand new look of your home.”

Do I need to do any preparatory work before you start painting?

“No. Just like any paint job, all we need is access to the areas we will paint. Of course, if the area is neat and span, it will be much more efficient since less time is spend on cleaning the surrounding area and wiping the cobweb off the wall.”

Do I have to move my own furniture?

“No. We move your furniture, drape it for protection, and replace it at the end of the day. We do request that you put away any especially valuable or fragile pieces. Beware, some companies does charges extra for moving furniture. If the furniture are extremely fragile or is an antique, we would prefer to leave it in the hands of professional movers.”.

Do I have to stay at home while painting is in progress?

“Not necessarily – but you shouldn’t plan on using your home as you normally would on the day paint project start. Any home improvement project is disruptive, and a paint job is no exception. Rest assure your home is in our safe hands.”

Can you provide painting services while I provide you with paint supply?

“We prefer to handle all painting project including procuring of painting materials by ourselves. This is also not a preferred practice in the painting industry.”

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