What can we do

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Wall & Ceiling Painting

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Wood Varnish

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Metal Gate

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Door Painting

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Effect Painting
(Sponging, Brushing, Ragging)

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Spray Texture coating (Stone, Sand effect)

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Pipes (Bathroom)

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Brick Wall Effect / Stucco Brick Wall


  • Paint Touch-Up Repair (Wall Patching)
  • Ceiling Surface Crack Repair
  • Carpentry Works 
  • Wall Paper Removal Services
  • Epoxy Floor Coating/Self-Leveling Epoxy Floor Coating
  • Electrical Services (Lighting, Switches, Installation,etc)
  • Plumber Services (Changing of Taps, Toilet Spray, etc)
  • Replacement of doors
  • Brick Wall Effect / Stucco Brick Wall / Faux Brick Wall
  • Parking Lot Painting & Hot Thermoplastic Paint Application
  • Acrylic Polymer Cementitious Coating (APCC) For Repair Flooring
  • Waterproofing Services To Roof and Wall

  • Appointment at Your Own Convenient Time & Place
  • Free On-Site Quotation
  • Fast & Efficient Painters
  • Reasonable & Competitive Prices
    (No go-between Renovation Companies)
  • Professional Advise on Paint Type & Colour Tone (Choices of Paint Type & Brand Available)
  • Hassle-free (Guarantee No Paint Stain to Floor/Tiles/Furniture)
  • Spick and Span (Waste cleared by our Team after Painting)
  • Excellent Workmanship
  • After-Sales Service (6 months)


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