“Very good service. Not much to improve. Continue the good work.”

“I have engaged Coozy Painting Services to rectify a nightmare job by the previous painter. Raymond did a fantastic job and went beyond his duty to make sure everything is in order. Throughout the process, everything went smoothly and I cannot thank Raymond and his team enough for their effort.”

“Painting staff is polite and courteous, went extra mile without asking and added improvements. I will highly recommend to others.”

“Mr Raymond was very professional in his services. He gave suggestions on how to choose the paint and went out of his way to scrap the old paint off before painting. He was very friendly and did an excellent job in painting.”

“Integrity is the most important in any transaction. Coozy Painting Services, Mr Raymond is such a person who has quality in him. Material & workmanship is excellent. Highly recommend. He never fails you.”

“Good completion work on time.”

“Excellent job, recommended to those who wants a responsible and good painter.”

“Good service, everything is okay.”

“Coozy’s Painting Team has excellent workmanship, they able to accommodate to my requests and they have great working attitude.”

“Clean and neat. I will recommend to others which require good painting services. ”

“Good service, handle with care, protect all the belonging in the house. Especially they have cleaned up and place back all the things when after finish. Good! Good! Good! ”

“Hassle-free, clean up done well. Staffs are quick in what they do. ”

“Punctual, professional staff. I will not hesitate to recommend or use them again. Thank you.”

“Uncle Raymond and his staffs provided professional painting and excellent services. It is highly recommended to engage his services for painting work.”

“Very good!”

  1. “Amazing and detailed paintwork by Uncle Raymond and his team! Super-fast and neat! The team kept the area paint-free despite having furniture around!”

“Great services & everything done well! Great job! Their staffs & boss is friendly. I will recommend to friends.”

“Uncle Raymond and his team have done an excellent job in the quality, both professional advice and customer services. He was very friendly and attentive to our request which believe we will not be able to get the same with other contractors. I would highly recommend Raymond – Coozy Painting Services. Thank you.”

“Keep up the good job.”

  1. “Great services. Highly recommended!!!”

“ Coozy Painting Services had done a great job for the paint work. Uncle Raymond is accommodating and allow client to choose more colour than other vendor.”

“I will give a thumb up for their effort! The team working attitude was excellent and polite.”

“Uncle Raymond is really professional & proficient! He completes work on time and does very good clean-up of the place. I would highly recommend his company to those looking for a good painter.”

“Good service overall, very efficient. I would recommend to others.”

“Mr Raymond and his team are good in delivering the painting work. They are detail when to patch or touch up the wall. Well done.”

“Uncle Raymond and his team of painters are highly professional and dedicated in organising and completing the painting job. They are meticulously and within the agreed timeline. They are very friendly & initiative, giving suggestions on choices of paint colours. They had done excellent paint job and we are very satisfied with their work. Thank you very much, Uncle Raymond and team.”

“Mr Ang and his team are very professional, prompt at responses and well organised. Their workmanship is excellent.”

“Very professional in their works and friendly. Highly recommend to others.”

“All excellent, I am happy with their painting services.”

“No suggestion. Raymond and team did a very good job that exceeded our expectations. Thank you.”

“Coozy Painting Services are very helpful and friendly.”

“Uncle Raymond and team are really professional and the quality of their painting is superb! Greatly recommend them.”

“Coozy Painting Services have excellent workmanship and great working attitude.”

“Excellent workmanship”

“Very fast response and good services! Uncle Raymond is very friendly and professional in his works. “

“Excellent painting services! I would recommend to others who need painting services. I would like to Thank Uncle Raymond and team!”


“Good Service and friendly. I will highly recommend Coozy Painting Services to others!”


“Well Done! Coozy Painting Services!”


“Great Job & painting services!”

“Great work performance- great job! Wonderful attitude! Friendly and helpful, Appreciate your dedication and joy in painting services. Raymond is very experienced and knowledgeable and kind. Raymond and team are very punctual.”


“Uncle Raymond and his team are very professional and helpful. The painting services and work is very good. If you have any questions please ask Uncle Raymond they will be able to answer and help. Please treat Uncle Raymond and team with respect, deserved for their workmanship.”


“Thumbs up, all good, fantastic painting services !!!”


“Excellent painting services – great quality. Uncle Raymond is sincere and very punctual. We are very satisfied with his painting and would recommend his services. Thank you! We trust him very much and would definitely get him to do all our paint works in future.”


“ Coozy Team are great attention to fine detail. Takes pride in delivering high level of quality workmanship & painting services.”


“Nice colours, friendly staff, nice results. Uncle Raymond have a professional skill, he have met my requirement when painting my house. I will highly recommended Coozy painting services to my friends, thanks for the hard work. Well done Coozy team.


“Five Stars work and painting services. Uncle Raymond and team are excellent! They are punctual, helpful and great workmanship reliable and honest.”


“Coozy are very efficient team, they are able to complete the job on time. Mr Raymond was able to give me a fast date- it’s a short notice job. They are flexible and provide good quality painting services. Highly recommend!!!”


“Uncle Raymond and his team is very friendly and nice and responsibility. They are able to fulfil my requirement and understand what I want. He also gives a lot of professional advice. We will recommend his painting services to my friends and engage them back in the future.”


“Uncle Raymond is very approachable and friendly. Coozy Painting Team finishes ahead of time. Awesome painting services!!!”


“We initially try painting on our own but ended with uneven patches and the progress was slow. We found Coozy Painting Services from the internet and were impressed with testimonials. Uncle Raymond was prompt in his reply and during painting; he was professional and rectified all the issues we pointed out to him. Thank you Uncle Raymond!”


“Nothing much to improve on painting services. You guys did a wonderful job!”


“Excellent workmanship by Coozy Painting Services, now my flat is now brand new. I would like to recommend to my friends. ”


“Coozy Painting Services provides good and professional services!!! Uncle Raymond and his team did a wonderful job. Starting from selection of colours to painting was a breeze; they are on time, helpful. Even do touch up when requested without any complain. Friendly and cheerful team!!! ”


“Raymond and his team had done a very great job! The painting works are done professionally! Thank you for your painting services !!! ”


“Coozy’s team are very friendly and professional painting services!”


“Five star painting services***** .From initial on-site viewing quotation; request through post painting clean up, whole process was a breeze, comforting and happy experience. Mr Raymond and his team took pride in their job. Their integrity and professionalism have earned my full trust. It is a fantastic feeling knowing that my house is secure and safe in their hands. Value for money service, with reasonable quote and free plumbing services thrown in! Fabulous lobang, no need to search further! They provide one-stop electrical services. ”


“Coozy Painting Services are very accommodating to all our requests! Very detail oriented with excellent services. I would definitely recommend their professional services to my family and friends. ”


“Raymond gave very good job in painting & transforms my house to become very beautiful. Raymond & assistant and done the job very professional. Thank you so much for the excellent painting jobs. ”


“I would like to extend my sincerest appreciation to Raymond and his dedicated team! I sought their painting services for my house and they have exceeded my expectations. They are very meticulous, skilful and reliable. I will certainly recommend them to anyone. ”


“Well done! Thank you for the painting services by Raymond & team. Complete job on time, in fact earlier than expected! Receive feedback well and responded requested patiently friendly services and reliable too.”


“Excellent painting services provided by Coozy. We are impressed by the quality of work. Keep it up! Thank you! ”


“Raymond is very professional. I am very pleased. He has done a good job together with his assistant. ”


“The Coozy teams are very punctual and meticulous workers, who pay great attention to fine details. Good job! :)”

“Thank you Uncle Raymond and his team! They have all been very helpful and courteous throughout the painting period. Even assisted us to change basic lightings and shifting our stuff. Uncle Raymond is a very honest and genuine person, Recommended and reliable. Thanks once again! 🙂 ”

“Painting job is excellent and fast. The teams are tidy, clean and superb skills. I would recommend anyone who wants a job; work done is fast without compromising quality standards. Thumbs up!!!”


“Thank you Mr Raymond & team! Recommended colours and patiently wrapped up my hanged clothes in my walk-in-wardrobe without having to shift anything out. They are very efficient, clean, honest and reliable. Appreciate your help from the bottom of our hearts!!!”


“It was great having friendly Uncle Raymond to provide excellent painting services for our home. Job was professionally done and faster than expected. Thumbs up!!! Coozy Painting Services!”


“Excellent Services! Do extra work for me without extra charges. I even changed colours a few times but he was helpful to do it for me. Thanks Uncle Raymond and team mates.”


“I only have compliments! Raymond is very easy to communicate our needs and the worker work very efficiently and ensures our house is clean. They are very accommodations to our request to touch up (When we dirtied it accidently). Excellent painting services!!! =) Thank you!”


“This is the second time that I engage Uncle Raymond and his team. They are very patient and take time to address my concerns and questions. Their works is the best that I had used. I am more than welcome to recommend Coozy Painting Services and also to use them again in the future.”


“I did my painting 10 years ago. I know Coozy Painting Services because of my neighbour recommended. Completed in 3 days’ time and really impressed and satisfied with the workmanship. Thank you! Coozy Painting Services.”


“All good!!!”


“This is the first time we repaint our house by help of my son recommend Coozy Painting Services. Despite our house is packed with lots of things, Coozy Painting Services completed the painting works on schedule. Uncle Raymond and his team had a positive working attitude. I likes Coozy Painting services thank you!”


“Very good service, fast and efficient worker.”


“Uncle Raymond is very friendly. He is honest and has a good relationship with his staff. Though it is a small team, they are efficient and is a great help to me.”


“Satisfied with the painting job. Thank you Uncle Raymond and team.”


“Very skilful and efficient. Finish the job ahead of schedule. Very professional and neat. Well Done!!!”


“Painting job was very well done. Very good service by Uncle Raymond and team.”


“Uncle Raymond is very experienced and meticulous. His team and he did a wonderful job in painting my house. The house looks very different (New & Cozy) after the paint job. Highly recommended! Thank you!”


“Very efficient. Highly recommended.”


“Job done in timely basis. Very appreciative of a job that is done well. Thank you! Raymond!”


“Raymond is very helpful and wise guy. Good job!”


“We are pleased with the completion & quality of work. Mr Raymond and his staff was very helpful and informative. Excellent workmanship and kindness to his team within 2 days. Highly recommended to friends & relatives.”


“Coozy Painting Services provided quality work and excellent services during the 3 days of painting works. I would highly recommend him to my friends for painting services. Great work and kudos to him and his team! J”

“Mr Raymond is very responsive when the enquiry was made. The work done is within time frame and prompt. He is very helpful as he helps to do some extra services such as unclogging the pipe and fixing my cupboard.”


“Mr Raymond is very professional & meticulous. Thumbs- up to him & his team. Very satisfied with his painting services. A big thank you!”


“Excellent work. Keep it up! Raymond and his team are meticulous and did a superb job.”


“Excellent service, good painting job. Mr Raymond was very friendly, flexible and responsible and helpful. Well recommended! Thanks for the efforts and kudos to Coozy Painitng.”


“Painting services rendered was prompt and on time. Correspondence with Uncle Raymond was smooth and responsive. He is very easy to deal with. Coozy Painting Services has been excellent! Kudos to the team!”


“Overall excellent service. Keep up the good work. Highly recommended to friends and family.”


“Uncle Raymond has done a very good job in painting works. Also provide extra miles and lots of advice.”


“Good workmanship and completed with good satisfaction.”


“Thanks to Uncle Raymond & team. Good workmanship & reasonable price. Fast & clean job! Good attitude & show responsibility. Recommendable, good job!!! 🙂 Appreciate your good work.”


“A big thank you to you and your staff for making our home looks nice and warm.” “Mr Raymond is a person who take prides in his job and his is joyous, sincere and honest too. “My house is not in good condition, the walls need a lot of scraping and touch up before he and his staff can start painting. Raymond tried his best to make my house look nice!”“We are very appreciate for what you and your staff do for us. Thank you and please take care!”


“Uncle Raymond is a very nice & helpful person. His staff is nice too. Hope that in the future I will engage his painting services again. Thank you so much!”


“Great quality. Good to deal with the actual painters!”


“I am too blessed and lucky to engage Coozy Painting Services. I have open my shop for 13 years. Too many things & holes in my shop. Uncle Raymond & team did an excellent job by filling up the holes with every corner neatly covered. I am impressed. Pricing is super reasonable. Uncle Raymond & team do not work for money. They work for passion. Thumbs up!!!”


“The painter are very friendly and courteous, they did a great job and extra miles of great service. We were lucky to engage them, we will sure engage them in the future as they are reliable, responsibility and friendly.”


“Uncle Raymond is very nice and the painting job was done very well!”


“Coozy Painting Services offer affordable painting packages to be offered for low income families.”


“Raymond is friendly and able to give good suggestions on colours. Completion of job on time & good workmanship.”


“Completed painting before the targeted date. Tidy up the place clean and no paint splash on the floor.”


“Very neat, service orientated Uncle Raymond. He is super and very experienced in painting services. His job quality has no doubt, top and excellent. The staff are very detailed to protect and covering our furniture well. Perfect!”


“Impeccable work. Take immense pride in their work. Very prompt and neat. Kept the area clean after painting project was completed. I will definitely recommend them to others.”


“I am satisfied with the Coozy Painting Services work.”


“Reliable and honest. Able to be meticulous and efficient. Very professional services. Punctual and trustworthy!”


“We are pleased with their services and their professionalism in their works. They took care to protect existing furniture and items in our house, also to ensure that thy done the painting works in our satisfaction. We will definitely engage their painting services and recommend to our friends. ”


“The painters are friendly, patient and helpful. Did a very good job and we’re very satisfied with the end result. I would highly recommend to others.”

“Good painting and very fast in their work and friendly.”

“Good services. Patience and professional work.”

“No words could express my gratitude and overall satisfaction after engaging Coozy Painting Services led by Mr Raymond & his staff. Thank you, so much. Mr Raymond and his staff were patience and professional in their work without complaint; assisted my mother in minor repair work. Recommended company!!!”

“Meticulous painting job. Friendly and honest staff. Highly recommended! I am pleased with the painting services.”


“Overall performance of Coozy Painting Services is good.”


“Excellent painting services by Mr Raymond. I will definitely recommend him for a good work. I will call on his services again in future.”


“Excellent painting work! Thank you Uncle Raymond and team.”


“Well done! Keep it up!!!”


“Good job well done.”


“I am satisfied with the work, completed work before expected, timing, systematic and cheerful painters.”


“The team had help to fix the tap and do minor house repairs in addition to painting services. They are patient and meticulous. Highly Recommended!!!”


“Good people and good skills on painting works.”


“Overall is a pleasant experience. Workmanship is excellent. I will definitely recommend to friends.”


“Raymond and his staff was on-time and professional in executing the painting work. It was detailed. Highly recommended!!!”


“Thank you Coozy Painting Services for the job done :). We are very satisfied for the services and outcome.”

“I am very pleased with the painting services afforded by Coozy Painting. I have no issues with the standard of painting done. Great work!”


“Perfect job: Raymond demonstrate professionalism with patience and full understanding with guided feedback on progress.”


“Friendly, efficient, committed and job well done! Very pleased with the result.”


“Friendly, helpful and committed. Easy to communicate and very well adopting.”


“Very good and neat painting works. Well Done!!!”


“Friendly, advise us the colours. Well done! Good Job! J”

“Overall we are satisfied with the quality of work and also the friendliness of the staffs. We are definitely impressed the boss, Uncle Raymond, readily agreed to repaint one of the room’s ceiling and panel of the wall upon realising the colours were different from discussed. Thank you!”


“Good workmanship and completed the good with satisfaction.”


“Very friendly and professional painting services.”


“Good service and painting work. I am very happy with the painted area, it looks bright and match the house colour. Paint have no odour, not at all and I can have a peaceful sleep.”


“Hope to deal again with Coozy Painting Services. Very good! Thumb up!!!”


“I have been very pleased and impressed with the high level of customer service and quality standards that Raymond and his tem have demonstrated. They have also gone the extra mile, beyond their scope of duty, to ensure we are happy with the final outcome of the job.”


“Raymond has a good sense of colour combination. I am happy with the colours he recommended. His workmanship is also top notch. Bravo!”


“Good job done :0 Uncle Raymond is friendly and very professional five stars *****.”

“High recommended with reliable services! Thumbs up for Raymond & 2 staff!”


“Uncle Raymond provide a good services.”


“Very good professional and helpful. Uncle Raymond goes beyond the work assigned. Thank you.”


“Good job. Five stars services*****.”


“Raymond is a wonderful person. He does painting job very professionally and thoroughly.”


“Good jobs and very good service work.”


“Good and reliable services. Highly recommended.”


“Excellent. I will recommend them to family & friends.”



“Very friendly painting contractor, I am pleased with the painting services.”


“Very efficient in the job and arrive on time. Go extra mile to help to change a spoil water tap without any charges. Very satisfied with Coozy Painting Services.”


“A very trustworthy and reliable painting contractor. Took the trouble to do plaster of all the cracks in the wall before painting. Very satisfied with the job done.”


“Uncle Raymond and his tem proved to be professional in their work. He gave good advice on painting process. Good job!”


“Job well done!!! You are doing a great job and just keep the good work. Thanks for the extra mile, to apply silicon on the watch and to patch the built in wardrobe.”


“Raymond & his team did an excellent job with my house. Their work is meticulous & everything from protection, paint works & clearance are done satisfactory. I will not hesitate to recommend him to any house owner who want a piece of mind in painting her/his house.”

“Uncle Raymond is very honest and hardworking. He take pride in his job. He is meticulous with his work. He is very cooperative and friendly. Well done & keep up the good job. Uncle Raymond is an asset to his company! God bless!”


“Strongly recommend him to others.”


“Very good job!!! I will continue to use their painting services in future.”


“Raymond has done a great job! He is very accommodative & flexible of helping us to complete our schedule in time. Strongly recommend to others.”


“Service is very good.”


“So far Coozy Painting Services is performing very well, keep it up!”


“Good job! Overall I am satisfied with the painting services by Coozy.”


“Excellent service & good workmanship. Uncle Raymond is very professional and true to his words.”


“Uncle Raymond provide excellent service during the painting job. He is also helpful and deliver on the work he promise. No hidden costs. I would not hesitate to recommend him to others.”


“Overall performance of Coozy Painting Services is good.”

“Painting job was done very well. I’m very happy with the result.”


“Raymond & all the staff have been patient and did a great job at my new home. Great plus that there’s low odour on the paint. Thanks! :)”

“Raymond & all his team are very dedicated and helpful. I am very happy with their excellent services.”


“Raymond & all his staff are very friendly. Managed to complete painting on time.”

“Uncle Raymond & team are highly reliable & considerable. It has been a very enjoyable experience engaging Coozy Painting Services.”


“Very efficient and friendly staffs. Thank you for the great work! 🙂 ”

“Full Services cater, including cleaning & minor ceiling repair.”


“Quality of completed painting works.”


“Raymond, thanks continue with your high standard of work. Cheers J!”

“Coozy’s painting team have been very helpful and friendly. They did a very good job for the painting services. I will recommend to our family & friends. Thank you very much.”


“Great job to Uncle Raymond and the team. Thank you very much for putting in a lot of effort into painting our house and keeping it clean.”


“Quality of completed painting works.”


“Excellent services and very efficient. Very friendly and took the trouble to come and check things before the day and helped us to clean up. I will definitely contact Coozy Painting Services again. Thank you Uncle Raymond and his team.”


“Completed on time. Very friendly and accommodating.”

“Good job!”


“Uncle Raymond has been very honest with his consultation, on time with his services and very professional with delivery his work. I would highly recommend his painting services to anyone, looking for painting services.”


“Very good painting services and quality of work is excellent. Reasonable price too.”


“Satisfied customer. Very neat & tidy painting done. I will recommend them to family & friends.”


“Thank you for completing the painting job on time. Well done! Good Job!”


“Thanks, only a day for two rooms, very efficient!”


“Provide excellent painting services, very happy with Mr Raymond services and the work done”


“Great attitude and efficient. Did a very good job in painting the whole house back to its original stage. Excellent painting job! Well done!”


“Uncle Raymond is punctual and has done a good painting job within the time frame.”


“Wonderful, thoroughly pleased! Great attitude & quality of work.”


“Very neat and tidy painting done by Mr Raymond and his team. I would not hesitate to recommend them to my family and friends. Thank you.”


“Great working attitude of Coozy’s team.”


“Keep up the good work, very neat, will use the painting services again. Well done!”


“Uncle Raymond is hardworking and patience in his job. His team of staffs also shown good work. Keep it up. Well done!”


“Uncle Raymond is very responsible and the quality of his workmanship is excellent!”


“Uncle Raymond and his painters are very net and meticulous in their painting work. They also ensure the place is tidy up before leaving. I am very satisfied with the painting services.”


“Coozy’s painting team is very accommodative and they did very good in their workmanship. They took pride in their job.”


“Highly recommended!”


“I am satisfied with the painting contractors!”


“Very friendly staff. Responsible and good attitude.”


“Excellent painting services thorough!”


“Excellent painting services. Thanks to Coozy Painting Services for great improvement in aesthetics of my place. :)”


“Very good painting job and services. Lead by Uncle Raymond; professional and the work quality is superb. Recommended!!! Delivered on time as promised.”


“Highly recommended for people who want to make their homes look beautiful. Excellent workmanship! Thanks Uncle Raymond for brightening up my house!”


“Uncle Raymond and both his colleagues are very helpful and friendly. They ensure every single walls/doors are well-painted and go the extra mile and effort to ensure a quality paint job done. Thank you all!”


“Uncle Raymond is good at his painting skill and I am very impress with his services. Good job and well done!”


“Raymond is very professional and attentive to details. He is patient and work carefully meticulously. I’m glad to have asked him to paint my unit.”


“Uncle Raymond and his team provide excellent painting services with fine workmanship, positive attitude and are friendly. Delivered work on time as promised. Worth it!”


“Uncle Raymond is accommodating & patient to our request & changes. We’re pleased with the painting services and the speed of the job. I will recommend you to others. Thanks!”


“Great services and workmanship from the start to end. Great job!!!”


“Responsible is the word to describe. I will engage Coozy Painting Services again.”


“Uncle Raymond delivers excellent painting services! Thank you, uncle!!!”


“Completed earlier than the agreed date. Good painting services and done extra miles.”

“Excellent job!”


“Pleased with Coozy Painting Services.”


“Superb workmanship and works.”


“Clean and neat painting services, very professional.”


“Thank you Uncle Raymond. I’m happy on the work and teams. Well job done! :)”


“Well done. Thank you!”


“Raymond gave excellent painting services. He explained what is needed to be done and the job involved. The price is very reasonable. I have no regrets engaging Coozy Painting Services.”


“Coozy Painting Services is reliable, friendly and provide excellent workmanship.”


“Well done!”


“Thank you for the painting works!”


“Definitely will recommend Coozy Painting Services to relatives and friends.”


“Coozy’s painting team was professional and did a good painting job. Thank you. They were very helpful and helped to move cabinets before and after painting.”


“Uncle Raymond and his team had done their best. Well done all!!! Their quality of paint works is superb!!!”


“Coozy painting services are very professional. They will clear off the old paint film if necessary. They also help ”to shift the cabinet & clean the floor. Thumbs up!!!”


“Uncle Raymond did an excellent painting job. Very accommodating and did not hesitate to advise us on choosing of colours.”


“Uncle Raymond is very helpful & efficient, the staff are very friendly, great job done, neat & tidy, well done and really liked the colour.”


“A cheerful Uncle Raymond. ”Always bring in the positive smile just like the colour we choose! I will recommend the painting services to others for sure. Thank you uncle & staffs! You guys are wonderful people.”


“Uncle Raymond is a professional & highly skilled painter together with his staff. He provide good advice and staff are friendly and helpful. Now my house is good as new! Thanks Uncle Raymond!!! See you soon!!!”


“Definitely recommend Coozy painting services to my friends and relatives, very satisfied with the painting services. After checking, they do touch up when required.”


“Good painting services! Five Stars*****!”


“Thank you! Coozy painting services.”


“Excellent painting services.”


“Uncle Raymond is very friendly, understanding and helpful. He is very professional and passionate on what he is doing. I am very satisfied with the recommendations given by him and the excellent completed painting works. Well done Uncle Raymond.”


“Good painting works! *****”


“I am very satisfied with Coozy Painting Services.”


“Excellent services and the staffs are committed in their work. The estimated time given to complete was three days, however they tried to finish the painting works in two days. Well done!”


“Great painting works of Coozy painting services! Finished the painting works within one and half day. Very friendly staffs and they did a very good painting job.”


“Mr Raymond was very helpful, he gave us good advice on choosing the right colours. Delivered their painting job with good quality, fast and on time.”


“Uncle Raymond is very responsible. He completed the painting job on time and give support to customer. I definitely will engage him again.”


“Professional painting services. Meticulous in their details, flexible and accommodative in their work. Highly recommended! *****”


“Raymond is a very responsible, meticulous and professional painter. Painting job was very well done! We are very satisfied with his painting services. I will engage him again! I will recommend his painting services.”


“Overall satisfied and pleased with Coozy Painting Services.”


“Raymond and his team did a wonderful job to my apartment. My previous painting job was over ten years old. Existing paint film turn chalky and peeling off. Raymond and team did extensive repairs on the walls and ceiling. Now my apartment looks brand new! Coozy painting services was very professional, working attitude of the staff was excellent. I am a very happy customer. Thank you, uncle Raymond & team! :)”

“Uncle Raymond is very helpful and give us good advice on painting tips. Delivery the painting works on time.”

“Uncle Raymond did a fine job and his painting services is excellence.”

“Great painting services. Thumbs up.”

“Good quality painting works, friendly painters and also go an extra mile to clean up the floor.”


“Thank you for the painting works.”

“Excellent painting services. Well done.”

“Painting services completed on time. Good working attitude and good quality of works. Well done.”

“Coozy painting staff are friendly.”


“Faster than expected; way ahead of schedule.”


“Coozy painting services is one of the best painting contractor that I have encountered.”

“Mr Raymond is a patient man and gives valuable advice. Painting quality and works is good. I am satisfied with Coozy painting services.”

“Uncle Raymond is very patient and customer oriented. Prompt and accommodating in working. The painting service is fast and quality. I will definitely use his painting services again.”


“Very good painting services. Able to complete my flat in 2 days. Good paint and quality.”

“Overall I am satisfied with Coozy painting services. Very friendly staff, systematic and organised in doing painting job. Definitely will recommend to relatives and friends. Reasonable priced.”

“Excellent painting services.”

“Uncle Raymond is very helpful. Raymond provides solutions to our problems and the painting services is neat as well as efficient. We will definitely recommend Coozy painting services to our friends if they need painting services. Thank you! Coozy painting services.”

“Good painting services! Impressed with the working attitude and the speed of painting works. My wall colours turned out well and matched our requested. Coozy’s team covered & protected the furniture well and was careful in shifting the furniture. Five Stars*****!”

“Excellent household maintenance tips being share. I am a happy customer and will definitely recommend Coozy painting services to my friends and relatives.”

“Completion of painting services on time.”

“Excellent performance of Coozy painting services.”


“Raymond is very helpful and responsible. We are pleasantly happy with h painting services and workmanship. We will recommend Coozy painting services to friends and relatives.”

“Good painting services and work. I am satisfied with Coozy painting services.”

“Very neat painting works with complete clean up and moving the furniture’s back to original place. Overall the painting services completed very well.”

“Overall good painting services”. “Keep it up.”


“Uncle Raymond and staff did a very good painting job. Steady and patient painting work. They rectify all areas which I was particular with no fuss and that’s made my day!”

“Raymond was able to accommodate to my urgent request to paint my 1000sq ft home with one day’s notices. Coozy’s painting completed the job on time. Overall I am satisfied with Coozy painting services and also included patching up holes in walls.”

“I am very happy with “Coozy Painting Services”. Excellent painting services, neat and professional. Highly recommended to others. Uncle Raymond is flexible and adjustable upon customer request.”

“Fantastic painting services by Raymond & Team. Perfect, dedicated and fast painting services. I personally wanted to point out the Coozy’s painters did a wonderful job. Keep it up Coozy’s.”


“Excellent Painting Services!” “Keep it up Uncle Raymond! It’s a joy to engage Uncle Raymond to paint my 5 Room flat. A responsible company and willing to share his experience when asked. Coozy’s painters are hardworking and punctual in time. The price is reasonable and I strongly recommend any person to engage his painting services.”

“I just want to appreciate “Coozy Painting Services” for their quality service and punctuality. Coozy’s painters are friendly and they completed the work on time.”


“Raymond is attentive to my requirements and does his best to his job efficiently. He is honest and sincere in offering advice to a customer like me to achieve my objective. A truly well done job! Will certainly refer customers to him.”


“Very good and fast painting services!”

“Lived up to its promise as indicated in the website.”

“Uncle Raymond and his team is fast, efficient and fastidious. Completed my entire flat in two days which is one day earlier. Uncle Raymond does not “Hard Sell” to you and will give proper advice based on his years of experience, better that any normal salesman.”

“Every aspects of the services and quality is great; nothing further to be improved. Raymond is very fast and responsive; Coozy’s team arrived early and got the painting job quickly and cleaned up thoroughly. Two thumbs up!!!”

“Good overall performance of Coozy Painting Services!”

“Raymond is very flexible & willingly to go for extra mile for customer. Great paint work & services attitude. I would surely recommend to family & friends. Thumbs Up!”


“An excellent job done! Awesome painting services, workmanship and value for money! Best painting contractor!”

“A good job! Well Done! Good workmanship and value for money!”


“Coozy’s team took extra effort to finish work on time due to urgent request. They even stayed until 12am to finish the job. Thank you Mr Raymond for the excellent job.”

“Coozy’s teams deliver a timely and excellent quality work. I am very happy with the paintwork.”

“Very accommodating. Raymond allows me to select and confirm the colours the day before as I could not decide on the colours. He does offers recommendation on the colour selection. Nice guy.”

“Raymond’s staff are very friendly and professional. They take pride in completing their work on task. Keep up the good job!”

“Great communication and good painting quality and working attitude!”

“Very obliging, will do to customer’s satisfaction. Mr Raymond is always cheerful and obliging with his team.”

“Two Thumbs Up! Excellent Job!!!”

“Helpful & willing to do some minor work without cost. Excellent job done to my satisfactory.”


“Raymond is professional in his job and their staffs are efficient and friendly as well. Good experience throughout. Keep up the good work!”

“Raymond has been really helpful & trust worthy. His painting services are excellent & have been of high expectation. I will definitely recommend him to my friends & family. Well done!”


“Excellent services with very flexible work abilities.”

“I’m fully satisfied in the services. I would love to recommend it to my friends. All the best Mr Raymond!”


“Very helpful & friendly. Take the extra effort to do more for us.”


“Very impressed with Raymond and his staff. Work is very thorough and staffs were very polite and courteous. The painting job was well done. I will definitely recommend Coozy to my friends and relatives.”


“Raymond & his tem carried out their work diligently and has great end results. We are a satisfied customer and thank them for the great painting services rendered! Highly recommended *****!”

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“Attitude of Raymond is good and friendly.”

“Friendly, committed & dedicated team. Excellent job done and I strongly recommended to others.”


“By chance I search internet for painter on urgent basis. I found Coozy Painting Services which is highly recommended by most of their customers. I called Raymond and he responded fast to my request. Mr Raymond is the most responsible, honest and sincere painter. The painting job is well done and a good after sales services. I strongly recommended to those who need painting job.”

“Nothing much to improve, their services is almost perfect! Raymond is flexible, giving in special request I made, staff are diligent & professional making sure all my things are arranged back in the same manner. I will definitely introduce their services to my friends!”

“Responsible and finish the painting works on time. Cleaned up furniture as well- additional plus responded to phone calls.”

“Keep up the good work and services!”

“Performed painting in professional manner, quality painting job. Great communication by Raymond & teams! Thanks.”

“There’s nothing I can suggest as the painting services was top notch.”


“Thanks Mr Raymond & his team for their good jobs & hard work. May family and I are very satisfied with the painting works (Highly recommended). Once again thank you Raymond & his team.”


“Honest and sincere guy. Helps to clean up the space after the painting job! Highly recommended!”


“Well done. Keep up the good work. Excellent workmanship.”


“Very good services! Honest & trustworthy.”


“Raymond & his staff are very good & meticulous. People should hire him for all painting services.”


“Highly recommended *****. Raymond & his team did a very great job. We are very satisfied with the colours & work done. We have no regret to engage them and will recommend to our relatives and friends. Thank a lot Raymond!”

” Great Job!”

“Overall, the painting job was completed at a reasonable pace. Coozy also adhered to our requests in reparing some of the older cracked patches on the walls. Good job overall! Thank you!”


“Coozy Painting Services is highly commendable due to their work performance. Raymond helps me to decide of what colour combination to make the outcome of finish product excellent.”


“Coozy’s teams have extraordinary working attitude and skills. Painting work is clean and tidy and Coozy’s teams were perfectionists. Thank you & keep it up!”

“Keep up the good work. I would recommend to others.”


“Raymond was very helpful, always willing to help customer. Go the way out to serve the customer and provide quality work.”


“Good work done by Raymond and team. Workers are professional and friendly. I will recommend to relatives and friends. Well done!”

“Highly recommended!”

 “Excellent work and services were provided by Coozy painting services. This is the 1st time I am getting a paint job from direct contractor and I was apprehensive; all was well indeed. The painters are friendly and knowledgeable; design my house with special effect painting. Thank you so much Coozy.”


“I cannot think of any improvements. My wife & I are very happy with quality of work. We decided to give a them a bonus amount as we were so impressed. Coozy is the best out of a number of painters I have used globally.”

“It’s worth engaging Coozy as their working attitude and quality workers are excellent.”


“Raymond willing to do work extra miles. Excellent workmanship.”


“Great workmanship. Excellent paintwork. Thank you.”


“Mr Ang is very meticulous. We are very happy with his work. Great job! Keep up the excellent effort!”


“Efficient and prompt response by Raymond and Team. Good job overall! Responsible and reliable.”


“Mr Raymond did a great job and I am happy with his work. Raymond is very trustworthy person.”


“Good workmanship, tip-top service.”



“Excellent and timely service. We will recommend you to our friends anytime.”


“Very good service. On time. Prompt and very thorough job done. Thank you Raymond!”


“Raymond check with clients on what language they prefer to do the consultation in. Very thoughtful person.”

“Good painting job.”

“Excellent service, nothing to improve further.”


“Good service, good work quality will recommend to others. Definitely worth the value.”

“Great service and reasonable price too. Highly recommended!”


“Coozy has good attitude workers. Well Done. Definitely will recommend Coozy Painting to friends.”


“Mr Raymond has done a very nice work and was able to fulfill whatever is expected from him, he done that very nicely, good effort and I am happy with his work.”

“Very detailed work.”

“Completion of work on time plus good working attitude of the staff; overall performance of Coozy painting services is excellent.”

“Coozy painting services is very well organized and honored their word as promised.”

“Staff working on the site were accommodating to every request. One notable observation is the politeness of the staff as they seek owner permission before requesting to use the bathroom to wash up their painting brush and pails. Very impressive.”

“Painting job was excellent. The workers and the boss took pains to go over each and every corner to ensure all areas like cracks and uneven surface are well covered.”

“This is the first time I ask someone to paint my house.  It is through my neighbor recommendation as they have engaged Coozy’s before.  I have no regret and I love my new paint work now.”

“Good advice on the colour selection.  Raymond’s team is professional as they are attentive to details and is systematic in getting their job done.  Raymond and his team are very sincere.  Job well done!”

“Excellent in all areas!  Raymond knows the regulation of HDB well to give advices on dos and don’ts.  Good job Coozy team.”

“Excellent quality and affordable work.  Fast service.”

“Excellence and efficient service. Pleasant and friendly staff provides good service! Keep it up! Thank you!”

“Excellent service, well recommended and trustworthy. I will definitely recommend him to my friends & family for house painting.”

“Good job and good painting services.”

“Good craftsmanship, overall painting is nice. Raymond was recommended by someone who has used their services before. We’re highly satisfied in their services and painting, as well as other value added services; including some advices on non-painting related matters. Bravo!!! We highly recommend their services to anyone who requires painting services.”

“Excellent work and also bits and pieces for no extra cost.”

“Excellent in all aspect, requests was always heard and done quickly. Staff was meticulous in covering my furniture and electrical appliances. Staff even helps to remove unwanted items from my premise.”

“I cannot think of anything that needs improving. This was an excellent job and I will use them again and recommend Coozy’s to people who need their services. Coozy Painting also cleaned up everything spotlessly, also wiped all switches and woodwork. Indeed excellent work!!!”

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“Very good service and provide after sales services, highly recommended.”

“Good and efficient team, with positive working attitude; leave no mess and quality paint job. Thanks a lot Coozy.”

“Very professional team with the right attitude to get the job done proper and right.”

“Wonderful job and very well done! I will definitely recommend Raymond to anybody who wishes to paint their home. Extremely happy with their work!”

“The painting service is very good. Coozy team provided quality service with efficient working style and they did not leave any mess for me to tidy up upon completion.”

“Well done. Thanks for the good services performed.”

“Already very good, how to improve more? Highly recommend-very experienced and pays great attention to detail. Xie Xie!”

“Responsible and friendly painting contractor. Good work provided and I am satisfied with the painting job. Keep it up!!!”

“Job done was well; work was conducted smoothly and beyond expectation. I am very satisfied with Coozy Painting Services.”

“Mr Raymond is very dedicated and hardworking man. He is the people’s people. I will strongly recommend him.”

“Coozy Painting Services team is trustworthy, responsible and efficiently, completed the project on time.  Raymond keeps his promise to client.”

“Responsible, friendly staff who went extra mile to help furnish the house. I will highly recommend for customers who want an affordable and trustworthy painting services.”

“Raymond is very trustworthy person, keep his words and work done efficiently. Keep it up the professional way. Good job. Thank you!”

“Good work!”

“Raymond and his team had done a good job. Job well done!”

“Excellent customer service provider. Good job done!”

“Good work done!”

“Coozy Painting Services did an excellent job in painting my apartment. They are very detailed and providing provided a lot of extra value services. I’m glad and happy that I have chosen Coozy! Thanks Coozy for making my place look brand new.”

“The painting job is very well done!!!  Keep it up!”

“Overall, I am happy with their services and the work done. I will definitely recommend Coozy to my families and friends.”

“Raymond and his team are very professional, not only providing us with good advice from choosing colours for our house but also does an excellent job in painting. Fine work! Thanks.”

“Good job well done!”

“Good attitude and positive working style from Raymond and his team.”

“I am very satisfied with the work by Coozy Painting Services. I will recommend Raymond for his excellent work.”

“Quality guaranteed. Good job, highly recommended, you will never regret choosing Coozy Painting Services.”

“Excellent painting skill, the effect exceeds my expectation. A trustworthy company with good service should be recommended to others.”

“Very good, I will recommend to my nephew and other friends. Perfect, skillful and good workmanship.”

“Raymond has been very accommodating in meeting the last minutes request for a paint job. We’re impressed by his sincerity in wanting to help us get the job done. Thank you.”

“Great work.”

“Excellent job by Coozy Painting Services, not only provide painting services but also focus on customer service.”

“The after sales service was good even after we have made the full payment.  When you call Raymond for some touch up, he will be there for you. Thanks Raymond.”

“Thumb up! You will never regret to engage Raymond for painting works.”

“Uncle Raymond and his teams have done a good job; brighten up my home.”

“Thanks Raymond for the excellent job!!! My wall looks perfect! The team is punctual and offers competitive price. I would recommend to my neighbours, friends & relatives too! Raymond is very diligent with his work; he also helped with the moving of furniture.”

“Overall, I am very satisfied with the work. Good job done. Thank you.”

“Excellent service and good quality of work. Highly recommended! Raymond is the best painter that I had approached. Nice and a man of his words! Well done!”

“Good consulting, reasonable price and providing excellent services. He has helped to repaint the wall with no additional surcharge for different paint choice. I will recommend  others trying on Coozy Painting Services.”

“Love the way they work. I will strongly recommend to other; providing professional in painting services, reasonable pricing and warranty given.”

“The staff was polite and great services provided.”

“Highly recommended & effective. Thumb Up!!! Keep up with the good work.”

“Mr Raymond has gone beyond what is required; you can count on him and his staff.”

“Raymond has been very patient and attentive to details. A superb job throughout! I will definitely recommend his services to others.”

“Raymond & Team are good at work and they have a good services attitude.”

“Excellent Services! And work within the time frame given. A trustworthy painter, Raymond, definitely will recommend his services to other.”

“Well done painting services, good quality paint and workmanship.”

“A reliable painting contractor and completed the painting job on time. I will definitely get Coozy Painting Services in the future.”

“Being a demanding customer, Raymond acceded to my entire request. Good teamwork with any finishing up the fine touches. Job Well Done!”

“Uncle Raymond and team is very professional & ethical worker. Their skills are very good and prompt in their work. Well done.”

“The service is highly recommended its gives importance to details.”

“Work was up to standard, I will definitely approach Coozy painting for more paint job in future.  The colours Raymond recommended was really compatible.”

“Excellent job done by Coozy’s. The staff was helpful and friendly.”

“I really appreciate the working attitude of Raymond, he is kind and even do the extra works.”

“Raymond is very helpful and accommodative our needs. He has gone extra mile to help us change our faulty door knobs. Thank you!”

“Good job! Polite and courteous dealings of Coozy team is much appreciated.”

“Competent painters who performed the job well ahead of estimated time needed.”

“Responsible and friendly painting contractor, providing the right attitude in working. I am very satisfied with the job done.”

“Highly recommended to other, which having skillful job done.”

“The company provides swift and prompt services.  The painters are efficient, respond fast upon request and are able to meet my dateline.”

“Good on time job and nicely painting work. Well done!”

“Raymond is very polite furthermore providing excellent services; we are happy that we have made the right choice choosing Coozy painting to beautify our home.”

“Coozy Painting Services did a good job in painting cover and affiliated issues. Good work and thanks.”

“I am satisfied with Coozy Painting Services.”

“We are very satisfied with Coozy Painting Services.  They have done a great job, used good quality paint and their service was excellent.  The whole team is responsible and I knew we were in good hand right from the first appointment with Raymond.  Thanks a lot Raymond and the team.”

“Staff was very friendly and worked hard to finish the job on time.  Raymond ensures everything was in order and even touched up the iron grilles and wooden frames himself. Good painting services”

“The prices are reasonable yet not compromising on the quality of paint.  Raymond team of workers is very skillful and they were able to complete the painting job on time.”

“The services provided are very good and I am very satisfied with the painting job. The staffs are very knowledgeable and give good advice on the colour combination.”

“The team had done a great job with great quality and positive working attitude.”

“Coozy Painting Services was efficient by means of autonomous working pattern makes painting seems easy. Keep up the good job”

“I am pleased with Raymond and its team works for our home”

“Coozy painting provide excellent services and reasonable prices as compared to other painting services companies.  The team had a right working attitude; Job not complete until customer is satisfied with the job”

“We are very satisfied with the painting services & the quality of workmanship.  Highly recommend to friends and relatives.”

“Continue the similar kind of painting services”

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